– Issuing the 2nd edition of Islah Reform index
– Expanding the base of the survey by collaborating with

  • Egyptian Businessmen Association “EBA”
  • The Confederation of Egyptian European Business Association “CEEBA”
  • The French Chamber in Egypt “CCFE”
  • The British Egyptian Business Association “BEBA”
  • It is an example of private-public partnership in seeking reform
  • Represent Egyptian business nature, other indexes are based on some criteria which are not applicable to Egypt
  • Gathered data from business persons and not consultants or lawyer offices
  • In depth view into all indicators to reach actual bottle necks enabling to advocate for reform: eg. Building licenses, trading across borders and employing workers.
  • Using qualitative and quantitative indicators
  • Created to regularly measure and monitor the progress of government reforms as perceived by the business community
  • Contributing to improving business practices in Egypt through continuously illustrating and communicating the business climate performance, challenges, and potential.
  • Creating a clearer perception and understanding of the nature and practices of business reform in Egypt
  • ABA reached: Alex governorate, GAFI,IDA & MOI and international organizations: IFC & WB, to establish an Index reflecting private sector view in business reforms
  • ABA collaborated with IFC in launching ISLAH Reform Index through establishing an Advocacy unit in ABA as a platform
  • Established, to advocate for reform and to improve the regulatory framework of doing business in Egypt
  • Provides a private sector view on the business climate in Egypt
  • Raise public awareness on the need for private sector contribution to reform
  • Working with the government, to set the reform agenda
  • Reviewing project laws, decrees, addressing concept papers and recommendations to relevant ministries.
  • Representation in various government councils, representing the voice of the business community
  • Hosting ABA Advocacy Unit, housing the ISLAH Reform Index
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