For General Inquiries

  • Address:52, El Horreya Avenue, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Phone Numbers:(+203) 484 8978 – 484 8979
  • Faxes: (+203) 4872411- 4872206
  • E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Working Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm (Saturday – Thursday)
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For Specific Inquiries

Administration Department
Mr.Abdallah Ahmed [email protected]
Mr.Said Shehata [email protected]
Executive Coordinator
Ms.Heba Saad [email protected]
Economic Affairs Department
Ms.Marianne Nader [email protected]
Advocacy Unit
Ms.Wessal Mahfouz [email protected]
Foreign Affairs Department
Ms.Dalia Nayer [email protected]
Ms.Wessal Mahfouz [email protected]
Exports Department
Ms.Eman Sadik [email protected]
Corporate Social Responsibility Department
Ms. Douaa Mostafa [email protected]
Public Relations Department
Mr.Mostafa Thabet [email protected]
Human Resources Department
Ms.Maram Suhry [email protected]
Press Office
Mr.Nabil Bahaa [email protected]
Education and Vocational trainging project’s Department
Mr.Amir Wahby [email protected]
Social Affairs Department
Ms.Sherine Shalaby [email protected]
Mrs.Omnia Ahmed [email protected]