MET Center was founded on 29th March 2007 with an objective to serve and fulfill needs of clients and employees of small and micro financing entities through applying best practices in micro financing field as a way to eliminate poverty and develop community. And in order to achieve its mission to support and enhance human resources and organizational capabilities by providing technical help and professional education to civil community organizations for arising standard of living.


MET Center's activities can be summarized as follows:

  • 1- Training: professional training programs provided to originations that work in micro financing filed such as: Financial Analysis, Monitoring and Supervision, Managerial Skills Development, Fundamentals of Credit, Strategic Planning, Product Development, Institutional Business Planning, Operational Risk Management.
  • 2- Organizing seminars, workshops and meetings for outside entities by hosting organize training programs, monthly meetings and workshops throughout the year to several institutions and big companies.
  • 3- Provision consultancy: MET Center is also helping business through its Technical library, Technical Aids, Permanent Exhibition and Alexandria Information center (AIC).