The Housing Committee of the Association, headed by Eng. Ali Ragheb, organized a meeting with Dr. Waleed Abdel Azim, Advisor to the Governorate, under the title of Mahmoudia, the artery of development and investment opportunities in Alexandria.
He was accompanied by Dr. Ismail El-Adly, Engineering consultant to the Governor of Alexandria.
In the presence of Mr. Waseem Mohiuddin, Board Member and Eng. Hesham Abou El Ela, Vice Chairman
and the members of the committee were Eng. Ibrahim Oreibi, Eng. Hani Abu Al Saad, and attended a large number of the heads of the committees and a number of the members of the Association
the main topic was on the importance of the Mahmoudiyah , which is implemented at a cost of up to 5.5 billion pounds and will contribute significantly to solve the problem of traffic in the main streets of the government.
The new traffic axis is 21 km long, starting from the administrative area of Alexandria in Kilo 56. The exit of Rakta canal in the east and downstream in the Dekheila area in Kilo 77.1 west, after filling and covering the waterway of Mahmudiya canal through buried pipes of large diameter.
The new axis is designed to accommodate 6 to 8 traffic lanes in each direction with a lane for public transport buses. The road width is expected to be between 80 and 120 meters. The new traffic hub will be linked to 25 sub-axes within the Alexandria area.
The project serves four high-density neighborhoods in Alexandria, which are the first, eastern, central and western neighborhoods, in addition to serving the rest of Alexandria through the other main and subsidiary axes and connecting them to the new Mahmudiyah axis.
As explained for the investment opportunities associated with the Mahmudiyah