on 21st of Oct the Association welcomed both The Australian Ambassador, and Ms.Asmaa El Saleh – The Economic and Political Researcher
from the association side the meeting was attended by the Gentlemen
Mr. Mohamed Mostafa Hanno – Deputy Chairman of the Board
Eng. Hesham Abou El Ela – Vice Chairman for Foreign Affairs and Joint Cooperation
Dr. Amgad Al Atal – Secretary-general
Mr. Hayssam El Kayar – Assistant Secretary General
Dr. Sherif El Diwany – Association Advisor
Mr. Adham Koretam – Executive Director
The meeting started by welcoming the esteemed visitors, and introducing the activities of the association Business units through the presentation represented by the executive director
The meeting aims to discuss ways of cooperation between the Association and the Australian Embassy in Cairo in various economic fields, and the possibility of supporting and activating commercial activities between Egypt and Australia