The foreign Affairs department organised a meeting with H.E Omar Abueich- Assistant Minister for Regional and International Multilateral Economic Affairs with the presence of Mr. Mohamed Mostafa Hanno- ABA Vice Chairman, The meeting aims to maximize the benefits from the strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support and encourage the investment and trade with the African Countries

The meeting was attended by the esteemed head of the concerned committees

Dr. Abdel Moneim Hafez- Head of investment and finance committee

Mr. Mohamed Abdel Mohsen- Head of import and customs committee

Eng. Mohamed El Mehelmi- Head of entrepreneurship task force

Mr. Ibrahim El Ashmawy- deputy of import and customs committee

Mrs. Nermien Mamish- deputy of transport and logistics committee

Eng. Mamdouh Hosny- member of industry and industrial areas committee

The meeting was also attended by the esteemed members of the foreign affairs council

Eng. Hesham Aboul Ela- vice chairman for external relations and joint cooperation

Mr. Hayssam El Kayyar- Assistant General Secretary

Mr. Mounir Shehfa- Member of the foreign affairs council

Mrs. Marwa Abuheif- head of Foreign affairs dept.

The attendees discussed all the proposed topics regarding investment in Africa