A reception was arranged by Ras Al Teen hospital to celebrate the grand opening of ABA donation of a workstation device to operate the MRI. The reception was arranged on Thursday the 7th March 2019 in the presence of the ministry of health secretary general and the key people of Alexandria governorate.

ABA has participated since June 2018 in a crowd funding campaign to purchase this device to enable the hospital to operate the MRI to help people in need.

The hospital management honored the Sustainability committee president Admiral Hatem Al Kady for his efforts to make this device come true.

This device initiative is part of ABA heath initiatives in implementing innovative campaigns such as establishing nursing schools ta the ministry of health hospitals or connecting the slums and rural health units on the drainage networks and in establishing a hotline for the ministry of health in addition to participating in combating virus C and the most imitative with the profound impact is establishing Aly Orfy Medical Center At Abu Keer that presents an excellent medical quality for low budget ticket for the poor and needy.