The Housing Committee organized a visit to the Grand Egyptian Museum to learn about the museum’s construction site and visit the restoration center and the museum garden, which will be the largest museum in the world in cooperation with the Tourism Committee and the Forum Working Group. And the presence of Dr. Amjad Al-Attal, Secretary-General of the Tower of Tomassian and Dr. Salah Karra. A large delegation of the Association participated in this visit. The delegation of businessmen arrived at the Egyptian Museum near Giza Pyramids. It is built to be the world’s largest museum of monuments on an area of ​​117 acres, to accommodate 5 million visitors annually.In addition to the commercial and recreational services, the restoration center and the museum garden, which will be planted with the trees that were known to the ancient Egyptian, the visit began to walk around the restoration rooms, which contain several relics, as well as the effects of the renovation has been completed and ready for display in the halls of the Egyptian Museum serious once it is completed and opened in 2020 Then the hall was moved to the exhibition hall, which contains a statue of Ramses and a large number of halls to display the effects and then was seen museum gardens.