Why Use Corporate Social Responsibility in Your Brand Strategy?

Concern for the environment has heightened in recent years and more importantly corporate social responsibility has become a given for business leaders and marketers in the current business landscape. Organizations and marketers are forced to find unique opportunities to develop competitive advantages based on environmental activities embedded into a larger corporate social responsibility (CSR) framework. […]

International ‘Experteering’ Trip

Sending a team to a foreign country to bring their skills to an organization or cause can be an immensely rewarding and eye-opening experience. Participants have reported returning with stronger leadership and teamwork skills, as well as having acquired a new perspective, which has lasting effects even after the return home.

Local Partnerships

Ongoing partnerships with an organization gives a sense of continuity to employee volunteer efforts and are great opportunities for team building. Whether it’s a weekly commitment to mentoring students in local schools or quarterly events serving at local food banks or animal shelters, these types of projects encourage a sense of community engagement.

5 Effective Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs

We’re teaming up with our friends at UniversalGiving to share our perspectives on different trends and practices in the giving and volunteering space. UniversalGiving’s mission “is to connect people to quality giving and volunteer opportunities worldwide,” which they do through their award-winning site. Here, guest blogger Caitlin O’Brien shares five ways to effectively support engagement […]