ABA signed 2 MOUs on September 4, 2016 to combat virus C with Alexandria Mariout Club (Abu Qir district | Ali Orfy Medical Center) and the Rotary Club of Alexandria Nozha (Abees 8 district), The initiatives consists of a number of campaigns to raise awareness and implement therapeutic screening. target groups have been designed in terms of number and age as follows:

(1) Abu Qir area

The total number of beneficiaries: 900

Age Group: 25 to 60

(2) Apis area

The total number of beneficiaries: 500

Age Group: 25 to 65

The campaign is implemented in steps : (1) awareness (2) analysis and tests (3) medication and providing the necessary guidance till December 2016.

The first campaign has already been implemented during the first week of November for 700 beneficiaries 20% of them have been positively detected. The second campaign will be carried out the second week of December.