For General Inquiries

  • Address:52, El Horreya Avenue, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Phone Numbers:(+203) 484 8978 – 484 8979
  • Faxes: (+203) 4872411- 4872206
  • E-Mail:
  • Working Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm (Saturday – Thursday)
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For Specific Inquiries

Administration Department
Mr.Abdallah Ahmed
Mr.Said Shehata
Executive Coordinator
Ms.Heba Saad
Economic Affairs Department
Ms.Marianne Nader
Advocacy Unit
Ms.Wessal Mahfouz
Foreign Affairs Department
Ms.Dalia Nayer
Ms.Wessal Mahfouz
Exports Department
Ms.Eman Sadik
Corporate Social Responsibility Department
Ms. Douaa Mostafa
Public Relations Department
Mr.Mostafa Thabet
Human Resources Department
Ms.Maram Suhry
Press Office
Mr.Nabil Bahaa
Education and Vocational trainging project’s Department
Mr.Amir Wahby
Social Affairs Department
Ms.Sherine Shalaby
Mrs.Omnia Ahmed