The Corporate Citizenship Unit | Alexandria Business Association arranged the first training meeting presenting the integrity initiative tackles the best practices against corruption within the Egyptian business organizations. This workshop was carried out within the framework of the signed protocol between Alexandria Business Association and the Egyptian Junior Business Association for cooperation in the field of developing mechanisms on integrity, enhancing the business practices and combating anti-corruption.

The workshop was held on Monday, August 15 for corporates in various industrial fields and on Tuesday, August 16 for small and medium-sized enterprises, introducing methods to join the integrity network and sign the pledge.

The workshop was attended by: Unilever – Savola Group – Vodafone – SIDPEC- Lecico – Intercement – PricewaterhouseCoopers – Orient Group – Sakr Group – Kadmar Group – Ship & Crew- Al Helal for Industrial Engineering – SamarMoon – Mena for Real Estate development – Prince Steel Contracting and construction – EGYTRANS – Meddlevent – Dyna Chem Egypt.

field visits will follow the workshoip in a number of companies during the upcoming period to study the possibility of applying the initiative within these organizations.


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