ABA has organized a joint meeting with EBA and EJB on Sunday 8/1/2012 at Four Seasons San Stefano headed by Dr./ Mohamed Bahaa El Din Ghatwary with the Head of EBA Eng./ Hussein Sabbour and EBA Board Members and also Eng./ Amr Sabbour – Head of EJB and his Board Members.
The aim of this joint meeting is the coordination among the three associations to meet the economic challenges facing the business community, and to agree on a shared economic vision for the development of the society during the transition and future periods.
During the meeting they discussed a set of ideas and insights that can contribute in making the role of the three associations more interactive with the community in general and the business community in particular. They discussed the possibility of establishing a joint project to support small-scale industries.
Also agreed on the importance of studying the legislation and laws affecting the business community directly or indirectly, such as customs laws and industrial zones and investment zones and internal trade .. etc, in addition to discussing the establishment of an independent entity to represent the business in front of various government agencies, taking into consideration the need to communicate with all stakeholders and the various political forces to assist in the formulation of economic vision in the short term or long term depending on the type of problem and its impact on the size of investment and industry.

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