Meeting with Prof. Dr. Atef Abdel Hamid,Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission


Under the patronage of Eng. Mohamed Sabry, Chairman of Alexandria business association, the Energy and Environment Committee, chaired by Prof. Dr. Abdel Aziz konsowa, held a meeting with Prof. Atef Abdel Hamid, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Authority, on Thursday 28 September at 4:30 pm, In the presence of Engineer / Hisham Abu Ela. Vice Chairman of ABA and Dr. /Mohammad  Muharram. Under -secretary of the Board . And Mr. Waseem Mohieddin. Board member. Dr. Mona Gamal El Din, Dean of the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering at the Egyptian Japanese University, and Dr. Samir Rashed, Vice Dean of the Faculty of  Veterinary Medicine. And Eng. Ahmed Abdel Aziz. General Manager of Petrojet, Eng. Abdul Aziz Al Sayed, Projects Manager at San Masr Company, a group of members of the Association and representatives of the business and corporate sectors.

The meeting dealt with the definition of the Atomic Energy Commission and major projects in the Authority and the role of the Commission in the fields of health and agriculture and other bodies working in the nuclear field in Egypt. And the State’s strategy in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy.

He talked about the treatment of radioactive waste, saying: The Authority is the only body responsible for the collection and disposal of radioactive waste in the Republic, in addition to the presence of a unit for the removal of dry pollution. Dr. Atef stressed that there is no environmental danger to humans or the environment from any nuclear energy project and the positive aspect of energy is beneficial in electric power, economy, health and others

Dr. Atef pointed out that most of the successful projects of the Commission resulted from the research on which the existing structure is based, including the electronic accelerator project which is in the launching stage, which develops cable manufacturing and enters into various industrial applications which cannot be accessed by using irradiation.