on the 27th of October, the Association welcomed the Guizhou Provincial Delegation with the presence of Mr. Sun Yongchun – Vice Chairman of the Guizhou Provincial accompanied by businessmen from the province
The meeting was attended by the Gentlemen:

Dr. Amgad Al Attal – General Secretary                                                                                                                                        Eng. Hesham Abo El Ela – Vice Chairman for external relations and joint cooperation
Mr. Mohamed Abdel Mohsen – Head of Importing and Customs Committee
Mr. Ibrahim Al Ashmawy – Vice Chairman of the Importing and Customs Committee
Eng. Basil Marco – Head of energy and environment committee
The meeting started by welcoming the delegation and introducing the activities of the association and its Business units through the presentation.
The meeting aims to discuss ways of cooperation between the association and the province in the economic fields, and the possibility of supporting and activating trade activities between Egypt and China and organizing business trips between the two countries