Export Committee and foreign trade committee organized a symposium under the title “Egyptian economic relations of Turkey: Opportunities and Challenges” with Mr. Mustafa Mekawy – Head of Commercial Representation Office in Istanbul, Turkey, on Saturday, January 14, 2012 in 6:30 pm
The symposium was headed by Dr. Mohamed Ghatwary ABA Chairman in addition to a large number of members. Mr. Moustafa reviewed the Egyptian-Turkish economic relations through a presentation entitled “Egypt and Turkey: trade and investment.”
The most important topics issued in the presentation:
1) An overview of the Turkish economy and the most important exports and imports of Turkey
2) the most important Turkish trade agreements with countries of the world
3) Egyptian-Turkish relations
4) contractual framework for economic relations
5) volume of trade exchange between Egypt and Turkey (until 2011) and the most important commodities exchanged
6) Turkish investments in Egypt
7) proposals Egyptian Commercial Office in Turkey for the development of bilateral relations
Presentation followed by open discussion between the guest and the attendees of these proposals and how to implement their vision, as well as how to activate the relations between the two countries until the due benefit the Egyptian economy. Mr. Moustafa also confirmed his readiness to fully support the members of the Assembly in the Turkish labor market.

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