Alexandria Businessmen Association was honored to invite Mr. Osama Mahdy (Sidi Kraire Petrochemicals – SIDPEC – CEO) through the Corporate Citizenship Unit to hold a seminar entitled “Reinforcing sustainable Development in major industrial companies” on Tuesday 9th Aug 2016.

This seminar is one of a number of seminars of the community awareness dialogue program to raise awareness about sustainability and CSR within the Corporate Citizenship Unit that adopts a strategic role to reinforce and motivate major, medium and small companies to adopt standards that matches implementing corporate citizenship and social responsibility using sustainable approach.

The meeting tackled SIDPEC’s role in the community responsibility to support their employees and the external community and discussed means of cooperation with the Alexandria Businessmen Association especially in educational initiatives.

The seminar was attended by a number of companies, universities, NGOs and civil society institutions interested in

sustnability and CSR

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