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The Corporate Citizenship Unit in Alexandria held a seminar entitled “The promotion of the social                                  responsibility principles for effective sustainable development”, hosted Ms. Mahira Hassan – Secretary                          General  of the Vodafone Egypt Foundation for Community Development and the Director General   of the Department of Community Responsibility Vodafone. The seminar was carried out on Sunday, May  29 2016.

It addressed Vodafone foundation interventions especially in the field of integrating people with disabilities and the impact of educational interventions, in addition to the role of technology in the community development.

The seminar was attended by more than fifteen international and local companies as well as civil society organizations concerned with disabilities and education besides government bodies.

The meeting motivated the companies to present their own experiences in sustainable development and community responsibility and agreed to network in promoting corporate citizenship efforts under the umbrella of real and effective initiatives to maximize the impact especially with regard to education and sustainable development.