_DSC4151ABA has held a Meeting headed by Mr. Marwan El Sammak ABA Chairman on Tuesday 25th of August 2015 with Dr. Laila Iskandar the Minister of State for Urban Development and slums and Mr. Hany El-Messiry Alexandria Governor to discuss the Action plan of the Solid Waste Management project in Alexandria. This Action plan is the outputs of the Memorandum of Understanding wish has been signed between the ministry of State for Urban Development and slums and Alexandria Governorate and ABA.
This project aims to develop the System of gathering and transportation and processing the solid waste and maximize the use of it by re-use them again.
They have been select wasat District and El Gomrok District and the Area of Kafr Abdo and the Area of Kobry El Namos as a sample for the first phase and then it will be generalized on the rest of Alexandria Districts.
at the end, Eng. Marwan El Sammak thanked Dr. Laila Iskandar and Mr. Hany El Messiry for their participating in this meeting