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Alexandria Business Association participated in the First Annual CSR conference carried out by Alexandria Sanitary Drainage Company & Ejada for Training and Consultancy on May 16 and 17, 2016 under the theme of “towards safe and sustained Sanitary Drainage”.

Eng. Mahmoud Nafei – Chairman of Alexandria Sanitary Drainage Company and Head of the Conference, opened the event, in the presence of Eng. Mohamed Abdel Zaher – Governor of Alexandria, and a group of respectable well known Experts and PHDs.

Dr. Mohamed Mehrem, ABA’s Chairman vice president gave ABA’s speech and received an honorary shield from the sanitary drainage company for ABA contributions in the field of community development and sustainable social investment and economic growth initiatives.

This initiative aims at establishing a new participatory approach between the governmental institutions and the community to develop a new framework of sustainable plans with vision that supports the strategies of the Government for the province in the development of its infrastructure especially in the Sanitary Drainage company.