The first seminar of ABA Advisory& Financial Survives Unit was held on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at the Syrian club, in the presence of ABA members and 6 banks, as well as a finance lease company and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development “EBRD”.


The seminar was held to introduce the services of the unit, especially the provision of the banks services to members.


The seminar began at 4.45 pm with a welcome note from Dr. Mohammed Mehrem, Head of the Unit and a speech by Dr. Mohamed Ghatwary, the Unit’s Advisor, followed by a presentation of the Unit services by Mr. Moataz Tabbaa, Unit Consultant.


The participating banks also provided their services, in particular the Central Bank’s initiative to support the small and medium industries, as well as the offers made with the support of Arab and foreign donors and the offers by the Small Industries Development Authority.