Minister of Transport Lieutenant General Engineer / Kamel Al-Wazir conducted an inspection tour of Omrat tractors and maintenance workshops today to follow up on the construction, maintenance, and repair of railway tractors.
The tour started by inspecting the development and upgrading of motors’ dormitory, completing the Sabtieh 2 project, inspecting the foot and paint workshops, operations and the private project. The minister met with the workers and engineers at the workshop and stressed the need to intensify training courses for workers to raise their production efficiency and work around the clock, and not to allow any tractor to leave the workshop. After full confirmation of his technical condition, pointing out that the development of workshops is one of the most critical factors for the development of the railway system.
All the workshops will be developed and their infrastructure will be upgraded to provide modern equipment, equipment and original spare parts from the factories producing the tractors. The rehabilitation will take place in the railway workshops in Egypt and under the supervision of experts from international factories to transfer the expertise to the Egyptian engineers and technicians. He added that the ministry attaches great importance to strengthening the traction by rail to improve the service provided to the passenger public, and the ministry is moving in several directions in terms of strengthening the traction, and this is the contract to buy 250 new tractors (including 100 tractors in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) The Minister of Transport is seeking to rehabilitate tractors that have been stalled for several years by providing original spare parts, pointing to the repair of 81 GE tractors that have been stalled for several years in Porsche Fig where a number of tractors have been repaired. Yat reform to help improve traction and thus improve the service offered to passengers It is worth mentioning that Irmas workshops specialize in overhauling and maintaining all types of tractors of the National Railway Authority of Egypt, where it performs the different types of Umrah for the tractors fleet of the Railway Authority at a rate of 15 umrah per month between light, medium and gross and 15 nominal umrah per month.