The strategic partnership between the Alexandria Business Association and Exxon Mobil Egypt through the support of the vocational training and employment center of the association to support of the mission of the Center which is to improve the perspective of professional work and to build bridges between employers and job seekers by providing the highest quality of technical and vocational employment for the trained workers in the center.
The partnership was carried out through a grant from Exxon Mobil Egypt aimed at training and recruiting job seekers in the various industrial professions by contributing to supporting the training and operational process in the training and vocational training center in Ghait Al-Enab.
The grant was awarded in two phases. The first phase in 2018 included the participation of 50 job seekers in 40 welding workshops and 10 in the auto mechanics in the center.
The second phase of the grant included in 2019 the contribution in the support of training and recruitment of 20 job seeker in the field of cars mechanics and 10 in the field of ready-made clothes