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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship

    ABA is envisioned as the HUB of development and sustainability in Alexandria. It adapts a strategy to establish and spread the culture of Corporate Citizenship among its individual members and their companies or through corporate membership by implementing a number of interventions.

    Corporate Citizenship Unit – CCU

    A Corporate Citizenship Unit was established in ABA within the framework of a signed protocol with the Federation of Egyptian Industries and the International Labor Organization in May 2015, in addition to “women in business” and “labor relations” units.

    The unit supports companies in identifying financial, social and environmental impacts, besides promoting the rights and responsibilities of corporate, setting programs for corporate citizens to make a difference in community development and businesses plus developing standards based on the best practices that matches the Egyptian reality.


  •      Measures the reform of business climate in Egypt
     Expresses the private sector opinion by issuing concept notes and position papers

     Cooperate with the government in the development of the reform agenda

     Raise public awareness of the need for private sector involvement in reform

     Issue reform indices and position papers

Foreign Affairs

  • Represents the communication platform of ABA with the international bodies, Foreign Markets as well as Diplomatic Representatives and Donor agencies

    Collaborates with International organizations, Associations and Business Chambers in Egypt

    Provides Information about international markets

    Receives Trade Missions

    Organizes Business Missions